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We build beautiful websites that bring together great looking graphics and stable, best-practice coding.

Your website is like a shopfront that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is often the first impression someone will get of your business.

Our websites are securely hosted on our own servers and are fully responsive, which means they will adjust the way they display depending on what device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc), or screen size the user is viewing your website on. They are fully CMS based. CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’ which is a framework that enables you to login to change text and upload images whenever you want to without needing any programming knowledge.

If you are just wanting a profile on the internet, or a full ecommerce site to sell your products to the world, then we are the people you should talk to.

Here is a small selection of clients that we have designed and built websites for...

Understanding The Website Process

Website Design Basics:

Whether you are just starting out and need a basic website, have a website that just doesn’t appear to get any online attention or you want a fully functional ecommerce website and don’t know where to start…this may help.

Graphic Design:

Impressing Google and the other search engines and being found online has nothing to do with having a great looking website. Google and the other search engines are blind to websites. All they can do is see text and code, measure page load speed and approx 200 other factors but none of them measure how awesome your website looks or what an awesome colour scheme you have.

Where the awesome job your website designer has done really comes into play is how visitors react to it when they arrive at your website… more on that later!
Seriously, the message that your website gives your viewer in the first few seconds often makes the difference between them staying on the page or bouncing back out back to the Google search they most probably just came from. Ugly tends to lose.

Overcoming Barriers:

What messages does your website give a visitor in those important first few seconds? Think like a potential client. What barriers are there to them saying ‘here, take my money’? You need to overcome those barriers very quickly.

Do you need a Web Designer or a Web Developer?

Good question!

Some Graphic Designers call themselves Website Designers and, with their years of design experience can design some awesome looking website pages. They look awesome….but does it work well? Is it well coded? Will it be a good user experience?

Let’s also turn that around:

Some Web Developers are awesome coders and, with years of website coding can put together some awesomely fast loading, tight coded websites. They run really well… but does it look good? Will it impress your visitors?

What we suggest you need is the best of both worlds, a web design company that has its own mix of graphic designers and web developers working closely together to produce a great looking website that absolutely purrs!

What About CRO?

Yep, there’s someone else you want to add to the mix. A specialist in CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation. Ever visited a web page that you have found a lot of interesting information but there was nothing on the page that made you want, consciously or subconsciously, to engage with the business through phone, text, form, shopping cart or visiting their real world store? Then they failed to ‘convert’ you. A conversion is changing a site visitor to a client/customer by getting them to do something that starts them on their purchasing journey. It’s more than putting your phone number on every page, it’s a real science. From your choice of colours and page layout right through to being able to double the number of site visitors who complete an online form just by shortening a form by one field and rewording the form heading. Think of it like your website is a boat race and only one boat is trimming their sails and they race ahead of the field. Trimming the sails on your website is CRO.

Choose Your Web Design Partner Wisely

We are always stunned at the number of new clients we get who either can’t remember the web design company that developed their website and/or don’t have a relationship with them that they want to continue. Your web developer should be a partner to your business and since your website should be helping to drive your business you should be in contact often to ensure that, together, your website’s sails are being fine-tuned/trimmed for maximum performance.

Make sure that whoever you use to look after your online presence has a team there to support you, whether you need a lot of help or just a little, for the long run.

If your website is not driving your business or if you just have a question about your website feel free to give one of our friendly team a call today.

Several months ago we decided we needed a WP website to achieve better organic rankings and Graphic Detail came highly recommended. Being very fussy I was slightly concerned about the end result, however my fears quickly melted away as the team was great to work with, nothing was a problem, and the resulting website exceeded my expectations. In the first 30 days we experienced a 186% increase in organic traffic which continues to grow. Highly recommended.
Mark Idour
Sun Stream Saunas
Mark and the whole team at Graphic Detail have been an absolute pleasure to work with! They are great listeners who are able to transform requirements into results...efficiently and beautifully. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Lisa Kagan
Endless Metals
We have hired Mark and his team on many occasions, from everything to Web Design, a new logo and corporate brand for when we re branded our company, and business cards and flyers, and every time they get the result done in a fast and affordable way. ‬ Mark is my go-to anytime I need something designed, Highly recommended.
Mat Page
Financial Design Group
Building and maintaining your public profile and image are significant drivers of success in our industry. Over many years we have utilized the services of the team at Graphic Detail for design and copywriting and they have always delivered. Often working to unrealistic time frames and with limited information and briefing, their ability to create appropriate and exciting script and design to match and exceed expectation is well proven. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Graphic Detail to anyone looking to grow and enhance their profile and perception, they are superb professionals in their specialist area. Should anyone require a personal recommendation I would be happy to receive their call.
Bryan Thomson
Harcourts Australasia